Liat wrote on 12/04/2012
Rest in peace Paul hickey, you will always be remembed for of the things you've done, and i hope you keep an eye on Andy from up there, so he won't feel alone.
JimiHiTech (rus) wrote on 12/04/2012

Bogdan wrote on 12/04/2012
Rest in peace, Paul.
Danielle wrote on 12/04/2012
After reading only a little bit of his book I can't even imagine how Andy must feel. My heart goes out to him, and all of Paul's family and friends. RIP, Paul, you were a great man and you touched this world in more ways than you know.
sam wrote on 12/04/2012
sad news. love and light to family and friends, especially Andy
Clare wrote on 12/04/2012
Rest In Peace x
Simon Richards wrote on 12/04/2012
Never forgotten - thank you - rip.
David Stott wrote on 12/04/2012
Rest in peace Paul, such very sad news.
steve brown wrote on 12/04/2012
so very sad to here of pauls passing, wishing everyone close to him, especially Andy, my deepest condolences
Mick Dicianni wrote on 12/04/2012
Im so sorry 2 hear this sad news I met Paul at the London show (erasure tommorows world tour) RIP Mate thinking of your famaly friends x
Onge wrote on 12/04/2012
Rest in peace, Paul.
Danny Dornan wrote on 12/04/2012
I met Paul, Vince, Andy and many new friends in Dublin last year. Part of a special and favourite memory I will treasure for life. Rest in peace Paul.
Garry Whitaker wrote on 12/04/2012
I was fortunate enough to meet Paul at his book launch last year. He took the time to talk to me and explain how long and hard it had been to write and produce. He was such a gentleman, gracious and kind. Rest in peace.
anne marie and brian wrote on 12/04/2012
so sad your gone, was so glad to have met you , you will live on through andy and erasure. you will never be forgotten ...rip paul xx
Chris,Belfast wrote on 12/04/2012
RIP Paul, your in a better place now with no more suffering
Maryanne Rarity wrote on 12/04/2012
It was a honour to have met such a wonderful person....may he rest in peace.
Lee wrote on 12/04/2012
R.I.P Paul god bless
Andrew King wrote on 12/04/2012
Paul loved your book on Andy & Erasure. You spoke so passionately about your life in Ibiza, i hope to visit some time in the future. You have left a mark on the world. Our love to Paul's family, Andy & Vince during this difficult time xxx
Graeme wrote on 12/04/2012
.R.I.P. Paul.....................
Aylöfft electric olive wrote on 12/04/2012
I remember Paul in the background of the DJ set Andy did at the metro in Chicago for his solo project Electric Blue. Andy was killing it on the decks, and you seemed to be his rock supporting Andy's shy confidence. LOVE…
Pam Staden wrote on 12/04/2012
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Andy, Vince, family and friends. Such sad news. RIP.x
Cal French wrote on 12/04/2012
All my love to Andy & Paul's family, I am so sorry for your loss. Paul was such a beautiful soul, I will cherish my memories of him and be forever glad that he was in my life. RIP darling Paul x
Giuseppe wrote on 12/04/2012
I just finished his exciting book
& no time to send him a msg

( from Paris FR )
Kim S. Aller wrote on 12/04/2012
Rest in peace, Paul.

You gave the world something special, that will never be forgotten.

Thank you!
Ellie wrote on 12/04/2012
I am so sorry Andy,I know how devastated you will be.RIP Paul,you worked so hard to support Andy in his journey xx
Simon Skinner wrote on 12/04/2012
1994, you walked in with a crate of champagne - Rock'n'Roll Paul. Lots of happy memories, thank you. RIP Xx
Tom wrote on 12/04/2012
Condolences to Paul's friends and family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you dear Andy. So sad, but we know he's at a better place.
Erwann Le Garrec wrote on 12/04/2012
I'm a big French Erasure fan and I send all my condolences to Andy Bell and to Paul's family.
Evanthe wrote on 12/04/2012
So Sad, such a brave man. Too young :( Rest in peace and know that we are all thinking of you and your loved ones xxxxxx
diana ward wrote on 12/04/2012
so sorry 2 hear youve gone very sad but for erasure i will always remember you thoughts are with your family + friends a loyal erasure fan dx
edward quinn wrote on 12/04/2012
god bless, R.I.P
julie wrote on 12/04/2012
so so sad. thoughts are with pauls family & friends
Becky Blenkush wrote on 12/04/2012
So sorry to hear of his passing. I never met Paul personally, but I read so much about him over the years, and found his book to be very open, honest, heartfelt and moving. My thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family during this sad time.
Amanda Eskdale wrote on 12/04/2012
RIP Paul, I hope you are in a better place. Thank you for Erasure! xx
Frauke Burkhardt wrote on 12/04/2012
I'm sad to hear it. Would god's love with you
alina meneses wrote on 12/04/2012
Whit love. Thank you for ERASURE. RIP
Brian Statham wrote on 12/04/2012
My thoughts go out to Paul's family and Andy , i never met Paul but thanks to his influence on something i love today is a sad day
Gary Doherty wrote on 12/04/2012
So sorry to hear this terrible news, Though I didn`t know u Paul u have brought so much joy to us through your book & everything u did with Erasure RIP G. x
S R Hanson wrote on 12/04/2012
RIP Paul. May memories of your time here sustain your friends and loved ones.
michael sutton wrote on 12/04/2012
what a loss of such talent at a young age, you will always be with Andy in spirit still guiding him for ever.. ;-(
Gary wrote on 12/04/2012
Very sad news, rip Paul
EliaGeorge wrote on 12/04/2012
flies high Paul, you will live forever in those who love you*
Dollidoodah wrote on 12/04/2012
A great talent gone RIPxxxxxx
laura wrote on 12/04/2012
sad news.... r.i.p. paul, you will be missed
Pierre Cope wrote on 12/04/2012

Just heard about Paul! I am sad. He cared deeply for Andy and was a major part in his success. Andy met Paul in 1985 after Andy formed Erasure. Paul really held Andy together through thick and thin. God bless you Paul
Lorraine Davies wrote on 12/04/2012
A sad day, and still quite young!!!
Carl wrote on 12/04/2012
Sorry to hear of your loss, All my love .xxx
Cecil Smith wrote on 12/04/2012
So Sad, I know he is watching over us. love the man & the music, all I can say is thanks for all the memories that I have from my life due to the music of erasure.
Johan Gehlin wrote on 12/04/2012
Sorry for the loss of a part of Erasure..
Alexandre O M Pereira wrote on 12/04/2012
Andy I´m a big fan of yours from Brazil and I´m really really sorry for your loss.
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