Gillian Nicholson wrote on 12/04/2012
So sorry for your and our loss Andy. Be in peace and know we out here love you. R.I.P. Paul.xx
Ruthi Pascale wrote on 12/04/2012
Rest in peace, Paul. I can honestly say that I have loved everything you created & you will be so missed.
Diamanda Galas wrote on 12/04/2012
Darling Andy,
I am devastated to learn of Paul's death. To me he was like Carl;
so dear and so down and terribly close to me, somehow.
Please visit if you come to San Diego.
yours always,
Andrea Butterfield wrote on 12/04/2012
Much love and comfort to Andy and Vince... Rest in Peace, Paul.
Andy Stewart (Stomp Crew) wrote on 12/04/2012
So so sad. Will miss and remember your smile and sense of humour. Love forever, Andy xxx
Angelo Gordillo wrote on 12/04/2012
We will see you soon Paul, thanks for your lovely book and your sense of humor
Louisa Grey wrote on 12/04/2012
Much love to your family and friends. A loss felt by Erasure fans too xx
Steven Slack wrote on 12/04/2012
Rest in peace. Thank you for your contributions to life. You will be missed.
Walter Herwig wrote on 12/04/2012
I pray for comfort to Andy & all of Paul's family & friends,the few times i met him he was so warm & kind,he always made a point to let me know what he & Andy thought of me & made all fans feel special Fly into Heaven my friend
jim fox coyne wrote on 12/04/2012
Sorry to hear of your passing r.i.p love to andy and your family xxx
Ivana Pavlicova wrote on 12/04/2012
My thoughts are with Andy and Paul's family.
Rest in peace Paul.
Carlos Terra wrote on 12/04/2012
Very sad to hear of Paul's passing. Such a fun person to be around, and motivated to make the best of life. Enjoyed sharing his enthusiam on the tennis courts.
Paola wrote on 12/04/2012
You will always be remembered, thanks to your work with Erasure.

Thanks for everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

andrew steel wrote on 12/04/2012
Met Paul after the Cambridge gig last year,spoke for 10 mins whilst Andy was signing autographs. Really nice man, sadly missed.RIP
Roland Saunders wrote on 12/04/2012
I haven't even finished your book yet. Rest in peace knowing you had a wonderful life and people love you.
Matthew wrote on 12/04/2012
RIP Paul. My love to Andy, and your family.
karen snape wrote on 12/04/2012
what a sad loss to erasure and especially andy and his family my thoughts are with you all at this sad time
Michelle M wrote on 12/04/2012
An inspiration in life, your book said it all! Fighting all the way. Much love and thoughts to your family,Vince and especially Andy in this desperately sad time x
Julie staniforth wrote on 12/04/2012
Such sad news ;0( may you rest in peace with all the other angles taken too soon x sweet dreams. Love to your family, friends, andy and vince xxxxxxx
Albert Reyna wrote on 12/04/2012
My thoughts and prayers go out to Andy, Vince, and Pauls family.
Gina Dodd wrote on 12/04/2012
Love goes to Paul's family. x
Ben Z wrote on 12/04/2012
My thoughts are with Andy and Paul's family. XOXO Andy.
Angelo Montecino wrote on 12/04/2012
Fly Away Paul.
Tyronne Mayadunne wrote on 12/04/2012
RIP Paul. My thoughts and prayers are with Andy and Vince.
James McWilliam wrote on 12/04/2012
Goodbye Paul, you always entertained me when we had dealings together, you're not to be forgotten. Love to Andy.
Anne - Thame wrote on 12/04/2012
So sad to hear the news, my heart goes out to Andy. Suffering no more and making music with the angels xx
Antony "munkeeboy" Hill wrote on 12/04/2012
I know that paul created various stages of stardom that Erasure have shown us. It's a tragic shame to lose him from our world,I am saddened to hear this news.I send regards to his family/friends. Words fail me right now. Big luv from Munkee
Stephen Duffy wrote on 12/04/2012
So sorry to hear of Paul's passing.....he was such a sweet and gentle man. My deepest sympathy goes out to all that are grieving this terrible loss!! XOXOX
Kay wrote on 12/04/2012
R.I.P Paul
MB wrote on 12/04/2012
Rest in peace, Paul, and my sincerest condolences to Andy and Vince. I know he means a lot to you both.
Janet Cuadros López wrote on 12/04/2012
Mis más sinceras condolencias a Andy, Vince y a sus familiares. Espero que encuentre la paz en el recuerdo del amor y la felicidad que compartieron.
Erica wrote on 12/04/2012
Rest in peace, Paul. May you fly like an angel wings unfurling
fanning the flames of love eternal. My deepest condolences to Andy and Vince.
Isaac Brooks III wrote on 12/04/2012
Paul you will truly be missed around the world. A magnificent soul with one of the biggest hearts I ever met. He not only touched lives in London but, around the globe.
Paul Bishop wrote on 12/04/2012
Such a sad loss, my thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends. Sure you will bring some sparkle to heaven.
Janet Cuadros wrote on 12/04/2012
Mis mas sinceras condolencias...
Michelle wrote on 12/04/2012
Offering my deepest condolences to Andy, Vince and all their families. May you find peace in remembering the love and happiness you shared.
Sunshine wrote on 12/04/2012
Rest in peace Paul... I will keep your friends & family in my thoughts. I know your living pain's are over & I hope you continue to do beautiful things in the after life
Ernesto Arencibia wrote on 12/04/2012
The world has lost one of its finest.You offered us plenty of great songs.My very favorites will always be "always","chains of love",and "a little respect".My respects to your family and loved ones.
Emily Jeanne Carbone wrote on 12/04/2012
How can I explain when there are few words I can choose? Thank you so much for everything, for being brave, for being inspiring, for being a part of our history. You will never be forgotten
Darren Sage wrote on 12/04/2012
There are many Erasure songs that I know, that I have grown up with but I am sure that one song gives an little insight into how Andy must be feeling, although grief is a very individual thing...Because you're so sweet.

Rest in peace - thank you.
Skye Anderson wrote on 12/04/2012
My condolences.
Stuart wrote on 12/04/2012
My sincerest condolences. At a time like this, it's not about the music, but the people who inspired it, and were surely inspired by it in return.
Dean Bridges wrote on 12/04/2012
God bless you paul ! Even though i didnt know you, your great energy was so strong & Good ! With Love to all family & friends at this time xxx
Sara Jo Sawdon wrote on 12/04/2012
'...Through the night, to the stars, On until sunrise
Where the moon hides her tears, All through the years...'

- Rest in Peace, Paul...& tc Andy...x
Iona Brettle wrote on 12/04/2012
So, so sorry to hear this sad news!! Paul was an inspiration to all!! RIP Paul! Thoughts are with you Vince and especially Andy! God bless you all! He will be truely missed xxxx
tracey watts wrote on 12/04/2012
so sad you will be missed xx
janice ottley wrote on 12/04/2012
r i p , thoughts are with his family and friends x
talented man , so sorry andy and vince x
grit cheraka wrote on 12/04/2012
you've given to us so much....rip
Lisa Parkes wrote on 12/04/2012
So sorry the music world has lost a great person and that your friends and family have lost a good friend/reletive.Ive listened to erasure from the very beginning and will always remain a fan.RIP Paul.x
Teri Bussey wrote on 12/04/2012
God bless you Paul. Thank-you for the music....be at peace.
Much love to Andy and the family.
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