Stewart Johnston wrote on 13/04/2012
Sending my love and my condolences to Paul's family, friends and to Andy and Vince. If ever there was a 3rd member of Erasure then it seems it was probably Paul Hickey. I'm so sorry Andy xx
Vikky T wrote on 13/04/2012
I've just heard the news via the EIS newsletter and I'm so very sorry. Please accept my condolences, and sending love to Paul's family and to Andy at this awful time. Sleep peacefully Paul. x
The Alexis wrote on 13/04/2012
Although I didn't know you - I'm still sad to hear of your passing. Erasure has brought me so much happiness! I appreciate all that you did to create them. You have a great smile by the way! RIP.
Peter Corrall wrote on 13/04/2012
Such sad news. My condolences to all those Paul leaves behind. I only met him once but I thought he was lovely. Love, UnclePeter42 x
Claudio Critelli wrote on 13/04/2012
there is a brighter star in the sky now. rest in peace, Paul.
Heidi W. wrote on 13/04/2012
My condolences to Paul's family and Andy, Vince, and the Erasure family.
Rochelle Sharpe wrote on 13/04/2012
Ever so sad to hear this news. I hope you lived a happy fruitful life, enjoy causing havoc in heaven x
Melissa wrote on 13/04/2012
RIP Paul. May God Bless & keep you, and watch over those you left behind. You will be missed.
Christine Tyler wrote on 13/04/2012
Good bye & god bless to you Paul. I will never forget the support you gave to our family when our nan passed away. Andy was very close to her & I hope you are with her in heaven. May you rest in peace.
Steve From Newcastle (geordie_buoy) wrote on 13/04/2012
Angel Made For Heaven - God Bless, Goodnight
Donna McDonald wrote on 13/04/2012
I will always treasure my memories of the few times we spoke...about Andy and about the book you were writing. You were right - there were some surprises in there! RIP Paul - you were a truly lovely man and will be sadly missed. Peace to Andy. x
Anita Irving wrote on 13/04/2012
Thinking of you all at this sad time, remember the good times and no one can take your treasured memories away. Andy and pauls family and friends are in my prayers.
Derek Grierson wrote on 13/04/2012
Never got the chance to ever meet u paul but after reading ur book I belive I have gotten to know u so well and u are now a bright shining star in the midnight sky. God Bless and may u now walk with the angels.
Robyn quaite wrote on 13/04/2012
Really dont know what to say. R. I. P. Paul, gone but not forgotten
Mairead wrote on 13/04/2012
Rest in peace Paul. My love to all you family and friends. I hope try find comfort in the memories you created together.
Kevin R. wrote on 13/04/2012
I had the opportunity to meet Paul and Andy during the intermission of a broadway play. Paul was so friendly and nice to me. Asked me where I had seen Erasure perform and what my favorite show was. RIP Paul, you will be missed.
Philippa wrote on 13/04/2012
Paul you will be greatly missed, I will always remember the all the laughs and good times we shared. My thoughts are with family and friends xx
Fabio wrote on 13/04/2012
I'm so sad that Paul is no long with us, my condolences to Andy, Vince and all Erasure's family!
Rie wrote on 13/04/2012
R.I.P, Paul. My thoughts are with his family and Andy.
Linette Marie wrote on 13/04/2012
Que en paz descanses Paul,I am still reading and enjoying every day also learning more English language with your wonderful words.Thank you very much of give us the opportunity to know you and be inside of our lives as a Erasure family.

From Chile
Matt M. wrote on 13/04/2012
So sorry for your loss. Paul was a gentle and caring soul who brought joy and happiness to those around him. I am honored to have had the pleasure of meeting him on several occasions. He will be missed...
Fabio wrote on 13/04/2012
With Love To Andy,Paul And FAmily.
Volker Muenkel wrote on 13/04/2012
I only met Paul once at Polaris/London. He signed his book for me and I loved reading it. Great guy! Had a pretty full on life. Terrible loss!
David Barrowcliffe wrote on 13/04/2012
A sad sad loss. Heaven has gained a wonderful generous gentleman x x
Judi wrote on 13/04/2012
So very sorry to hear the sad news about Paul. My thoughts are with his family, friends and of course Andy. Losing someone close is so very hard to come to terms with regardless of the circumstances.
RIP Paul xx
Kaoru Sato wrote on 13/04/2012
I'm deeply shocked to hear about you.
You leave us great work.It's something I will always cherish.
I don't forget you.Rest in peace, Paul.
Andreas Peter wrote on 13/04/2012
"The most noble ones suffer the most pain.
Even the pain will select the best ground." (CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH HEBBEL)
My deepest sympathy and respect. Sad but sincerely. Andreas
gary leaper wrote on 13/04/2012
COndolences to Pauls family and andy. I met paul in september 2007 at Erasure ,The Albert Hall, nicebloke and got me a beer. glad i met him, very sad
Madaleine wrote on 13/04/2012
R.I.P Paul, Thinking of Andy and Paul's family at this sad time.
Michael M. Knoth wrote on 13/04/2012
I would like to express my condolences to the family and friends of Paul.
Tom Canavan wrote on 13/04/2012
May you be with the angels in heaven
Nathan Payne wrote on 13/04/2012
May god be with you.
Rose Swindle wrote on 13/04/2012
Sincere Condolences to Pauls family & loved ones.xx
Clive Lynch wrote on 13/04/2012
Very sad news R.I.P Paul Hickey. Look after yourself Andy, time is a healer and you have a few tough times ahead.
Lisa LaDouceur wrote on 13/04/2012
My condolences to Paul's family and Andy.
Jeffrey Collins wrote on 13/04/2012
My condolences. He will be missed.
Melissa D'Arcy wrote on 13/04/2012
Rest in Peace Paul. You were a real inspiration and encouragement to me. Such an amazing life, lead with such courage. A remarkable man with a remarkable story, which will stay with me. Much love to you and your family. x
Jon Sutton wrote on 13/04/2012
R.I.P. Paul, thoughts with your family and Andy.
Jorge wrote on 13/04/2012
RIP Paul and blessings to your beloved ones. Sincerely.
Thorsten Harms wrote on 13/04/2012
What a shock!
RIP Paul ...
Karin S. wrote on 13/04/2012
So sad to read this news. To you all, family and friends, my heartfelt condolences.
Gareth Miller wrote on 13/04/2012
TRAGIC my thoughts are with you all xxxxxx
Christine Connallon wrote on 13/04/2012
Love and condolences to Paul's family and Andy. I'm so sorry.
Hel Burzynska wrote on 13/04/2012
So sad to hear of Paul's passing. All my sympathies to Paul's family & a heartfelt hug to Andy at this difficult time.
Denise Argentina wrote on 13/04/2012
I'am so sorry to hear this Andy!!! Kisses from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
suremusic wrote on 13/04/2012
My herat goes out to your family & freinds who will all miss you, i never knew you but you made my idol andy bell a very happy man and for that i hope theres a heaven and that you still look after him . Tony x
Christopher Martin wrote on 13/04/2012
I don't know what to say. There is no majic pill. Death of a loved one is just there?
You never become immune to it but you learn to recognize it. I'm sorry for your
Loss. Just keep going. Things do get better. They do
Landsley Ware wrote on 13/04/2012
My deepest sympathies to Paul's family and friends. It was an honour to have known him and through the beauty of his soul he will always be remembered.
Love always, Landsley, Elena and Gabriel Ware
Colin Short wrote on 13/04/2012
RIP Paul, many condolences to Andy & Paul's families x
Linda cassidy wrote on 13/04/2012
R.I.P Paul
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