Machinerobo wrote on 21/04/2012
Thank you for your contributions and inspiration.
2 Bit Radio wrote on 21/04/2012
Our condolences...You will truly be missed.
Mike G. wrote on 20/04/2012
Your music made my youth more bearable and a hell of a lot more fun! Many thanks for the memories, especially the ones I can't really remember ... LOL!
Ian (Chilli Sanchez) wrote on 20/04/2012
When someone so dearly loved is taken from his family, words seem too inadequate to express the sorrow and pain felt. But I pray that Paul's family, loved ones & Andy may take comfort in knowing others share your loss. RIP Paul, God Bless
george wrote on 20/04/2012
sorry , you will be missed.oh lamour!
karlos wrote on 20/04/2012
RIP Paul, God Bless Your Soul :-(
Jimmy wrote on 20/04/2012
Very sad. Thoughts with all who knew him.
R.I.P Paul.
Nicole wrote on 20/04/2012
My sincere condolences to Paul's family and Andy
sam smart wrote on 20/04/2012
God bless x
Sean McCarthy / Radioirish.com wrote on 20/04/2012
May your beautiful soul rest eternal and in peace Paul.

Rildo Rocha wrote on 20/04/2012
Sinto muito! Siga em Paz Paul!
Farid Kioumgi wrote on 20/04/2012
Al Baqi Fi Hayatek. The rest of his life in yours (i.e in Andy) Arabic proverb.
Fernanda Robles wrote on 19/04/2012
Descansa en paz querido Paul!El cielo te espera....
Luiz Carlos Rangel wrote on 19/04/2012
Sorry Andy, God knows best!
Luiz Carlos Rangel wrote on 19/04/2012
Very sad! R.I.P. Paul Hickey!!!!!!
Kasper wrote on 19/04/2012
A long goodbye to you, Paul. Life is just an illusion.
Robert Sokol wrote on 19/04/2012
In the midst of a loss of my immediate family, I've not had a chance to express my sadness at the loss of Paul. Kindness, sweetness, humor, warmth, support and more than just a little respect. I'll miss you, Paul.
Stephen Kendall wrote on 19/04/2012
As an Erasure Fan i would just like to send my sincere condolences to Pauls Family and very close friends at this very sad time.
Sian Evans wrote on 19/04/2012
R.I.P. Sincere condolences for your loss.
Rheanna Crane wrote on 19/04/2012
Uncle Paul, you had such a wonderful heart and I know you're up there flying with the angels! I will now feel so safe when it's my time because I know you're up there to protect me! I luv you and one day we'll see eachother again! xoxoxoox
Chloe Graham wrote on 19/04/2012
Paul, You were a wonderful man with wicked wit and strength in adversity. I will miss you very much.
Andy, I am so sorry for your loss, my heart is with you and Paul's family at this time.
Love Chloe Touna Farid
Stephen Miller wrote on 18/04/2012
My deepest sympathies to Paul's family, to Andy, and to Vince during what must be a terribly difficult time. What an inspiration Paul's story has been to me--what a better place the world is because of him. Rest in peace now, Paul.
Victor Vidal wrote on 18/04/2012
a glooming peace this morning with it brings the sun for sorrow will not show his head.
farewell to our friend, beautiful, Mr. Paul Hickey.
michael macahilig8cdnc wrote on 18/04/2012
My precious Sista,my friend and confidant...I will miss our amazing times together...I 'm glad to have shared so many memories..
My precious.. you will be more than missed...XO MIchael
Katie Carney wrote on 18/04/2012
RIP Paul...and much much love to your family, Andy, and other loved ones. You will be sorely missed, and never forgotten. xoxo
sharon wrote on 18/04/2012
RIP paul. My thoughts and prayers are with all you family and friends at this sad time. Also my thoughts are with Andy. I've read your book and know the love you had for each other.
Allan Cooper wrote on 18/04/2012
To Andy and Paul's family: Sad, sad news and know that you will celebrate Paul's time on this Earth and you will all meet him again at Heavens gates. Gone but never forgotten.x
Maria Jones wrote on 18/04/2012
Dear Paul,
Was fortunate to spend time with you and Andy in Leicester in 2004. It was easy to see you made Andy very happy and have played a big part in making him the person he is today. I'm sure you're shining your light in a better place now.
Miroslav wrote on 17/04/2012
Ohh. We miss you soo match...Have nice dreams. Forever. We will never forget...
Lynda Barens wrote on 17/04/2012
I am so sad to hear about my precious friends passing.
I will always remember how wonderful a person you were. I know you are with the Angels. I shall pray for you and my Prince Andy. You are so loved. God be with you and your spirit my friend.
edwin wrote on 17/04/2012
Dear Andy, Sending deepest sympathy to all of you & Paul's family & friends. May Paul rest in peace where there is no pain nor strife, now one of God's angels.
Hope the pain of sadness soon becomes happy memories to cherish of a once dear friend.
Karolina Egas wrote on 17/04/2012
Dear Andy, everything happens for a reason, and you are such a special being. Take this loss as a challenge to overcome and to strengthen your heart. Love you and always will. Blessings to you on earth and may God guide Paul's soul to heaven :)
sonoluminous in Columbus OH wrote on 17/04/2012
dearest Andy, you have brought so much joy & peace to my life through your music, may you find peace in this time of pain. "love is here, where it always will be..." -Sonoluminous in Columbus OH (USA)
Diane & neil wrote on 17/04/2012
To a much loved brother in law , you were so lovely,kind and generous in every little way and you will be so surely missed on each and every day. Thanks for everything you have done for us, love to you always.xxxx
Elaine and Geoff wrote on 17/04/2012
Paul,you have been a big part of our families lives.It will never be the same without you. Forever in our hearts and thoughts. You will be deeply missed x
Paul Davies wrote on 17/04/2012
So very sorry to see you leave us, my thoughts to Andy and Paul's family. A great loss to us all.
Darren Mitchell wrote on 17/04/2012
Sad, Sad loss Paul you was a big part of Erasure's life, RIP
EWAN HOOVER wrote on 17/04/2012
In the ballroom dance that is life, some gentlemen leave the party too early. May you find your deserving peace with your favourites angels wherever you are now. RIP
Voirrey Jeremiah wrote on 17/04/2012
Such sad news, thoughts are with Andy and Pauls Family and friends. RIP Paul you will be missed by many.
wendy preece wrote on 17/04/2012
RIP Paul x
paula hickey wrote on 17/04/2012
Ione wrote - Death leaves a heartache no one can heal and love leaves a memory no one can steal I love this Thank you Andy for being there! My heart goes out to you we love you.Good bye and God Bless to you Paul and to all his friends
MARK MASON wrote on 17/04/2012
Angel made in Heaven,the soldier returns..God Bless and RIP
Christina M. Frankino wrote on 17/04/2012
My condolences-prayers for those that remain. He will be missed.
tony mott wrote on 17/04/2012
Such a wonderful man to have around,we will all miss him on the tour.
Dj Fabian wrote on 17/04/2012
R.I.P Paul!
Gavin Haigh wrote on 17/04/2012
Deepest symapthy. RIP Paul
Markus wrote on 17/04/2012
My sincere condolences to Paul's family, his friends and Andy.
Jonathan A. Windsor wrote on 17/04/2012
Very sorry to hear of Paul's passing my sympathy goes out to Andy and Paul's family. He will be truly missed
Arlene cochrane wrote on 17/04/2012
Sleep tight, our thoughts are with your family and loved ones x love from bonny scotland x
Tracy wrote on 16/04/2012
My Dearest, Everytime I close my eyes I see your beaming smile. A smile like no other. You will be missed til the end of days. Thank you for your warmth and welcome. Rest now lovexx
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