Ali,Dave & family wrote on 14/04/2012
Love you lots Paul forever in our hearts you will be sadly missed may you rest in peace love always xxxxxxxx
Dan Lee wrote on 14/04/2012
Ive just finished your book, you lead an amazing life. RIP Paul
Paul Branley- Cook wrote on 14/04/2012
I entered a Tennis tournament and found Paul to be my opponent.
I was told who he was by the organisers and his kind and fun reputation preceeded him.
He did live up to his reputation in person.
Im so glad I met him.
May you rest in Peace Paul.
Ros Thomas wrote on 14/04/2012
We had adopted you as another member of erasure!
Sleep tight Paul. Thoughts with family, close friends and Andy.
Love from Ros Thomas Xx
Ruth wrote on 14/04/2012
RIP thanks for your part in the erasure story. X
Ondine Perret wrote on 14/04/2012
So, so , so sad. Shared great moments, conversation and laughter over the years. Am missing you and sending love to Andy and family. xxxx
Christine Whitfield wrote on 14/04/2012
So sorry for the loss of a good man, Andy our thoughts are with you
carole cowling wrote on 14/04/2012
Only the good die young, sad days for his family and friends and loved ones, RIP.
Andy Taylor wrote on 14/04/2012
im gutted,he was good at what he did and im sure he would want erasure to continue the great job that they do.
My thoughts are with Pauls family and also with Andy right now bye bye Paul !chin up Andy x
Paul Barnes wrote on 14/04/2012
So sad to hear this news my thoughts and prayers to all family and friends
Hector Serna wrote on 14/04/2012
Very sorry to hear that Paul has passed. My very sincere condolences to Paul's family and to Andy. Erasure has brought so much joy to my life throughout the years, and I know Paul was a big part of that. Thanks for the many years of joy.
Jan Frederiksen wrote on 13/04/2012
It makes me really sad to hear that your Paul Hickey is no longer among us. Sending you a huge hug from Denmark you are in my thoughts and heart and it makes me feel really sorry for what you have lost.
Thomas Hellmich wrote on 13/04/2012
My condolences to all of Paul's family and friends! God Bless you Paul

Thomas Hellmich
Emma Abraham wrote on 13/04/2012
Paul meant so much to so many of us. He made a difference, a contribution with his life, and what more can one ask? My condolences to friends & family
Fabiano wrote on 13/04/2012
DEUS abençoe, descanse em paz. (BRASIL)
Inga wrote on 13/04/2012
Rest in peace sweet Paul. My love to all you leave behind.
Amanda DeMaria wrote on 13/04/2012
People dance in and out of time like water on a hot pan, like we danced in Deia. So sorry. Love to Andy.
Pamela Esterson wrote on 13/04/2012
so very sorry to hear such sad and shocking news. I have many fond memories of evenings spent at Sa Fonda conspiring on how to put the world to right... my heartfelt condolences to Andy and to Paul's family. xo pamela
Jerry Nunez wrote on 13/04/2012
My deepest sympathy for the loss of a very special person. May he rest in peace.
Michael Bridgeman wrote on 13/04/2012
Wishing your family, friends, peers, and fans condolences. Your artistry and talent will live on forever. Your vision of creativity,Erasure, and Andy is a gift that all will cherish. Rest In Peace, and Thank You.
Emmanuelle Waechter wrote on 13/04/2012
My condoleances go out to Andy, Vince and Paul's family,
thanks for your incredible creativity!
John C Royle wrote on 13/04/2012
May the beautiful memories you've shared with Paul provide some comfort during this difficult time.
Vincent Frank wrote on 13/04/2012
I only just found out the sad news. I had the privilege of meeting Paul on a couple of occasions and against all he was going through still had the most genuine smile on his face. I won't forget that kind of strength in a smile.
Patsy Guzman wrote on 13/04/2012
Another angel received his wings...my thoughts and prayers go out to Paul's and Andy's family...
amanda barrett wrote on 13/04/2012
my condolenses to the family. may angels surround you and hold you tight.
Annette Scherr wrote on 13/04/2012
Very shocking and sad news. My condolences go out to Andy, Vince, and Paul's family. Rest in peace, Paul.
Stefano Dalmonte wrote on 13/04/2012
I have known you only by reading your book
I think today the world is a less gentle place
I will miss you
jurgen tytgat belgium wrote on 13/04/2012
when i needed you most,
river deep,mountain high, star,fill us with fire
veronica swain wrote on 13/04/2012
Thinking of Paul and all his family and friends, sadly missed x
JC wrote on 13/04/2012
My deepest sympathy goes out to Paul's family and friends. Sending strength and love to you all. Thanks for all you have done, Paul. Rest in peace
Jennifer Schaefer wrote on 13/04/2012
I'm so sad to hear that Paul passed away. I'm right in the middle of his book and I'm enjoying it tremendously. Deepest condolences to his family and Andy.
Vince wrote on 13/04/2012
My deepest sympathies go out to Andy and Paul's family and friends. Paul thank you so much for all your kind words and support of Erasure-esque here in the states. May you rest in peace.
Anthony Smith wrote on 13/04/2012
Heartfelt wishes to all loved ones left behind.
RIP Paul x
Shirley Vergara wrote on 13/04/2012
My deepest condolences to Andy, Paul's family and friends. Paul now rests in peace and will be missed until we all meet again.
Michaela Pählich (Berlin) wrote on 13/04/2012
My condolences to all of Paul's family and friends! God Bless you Paul... My love and thoughts to Andy
Andrew kneale wrote on 13/04/2012
We met at the O2 in London in 2010 . Such a nice man you will be missed by so many Paul, we will never forget what you did for erasure and andy RIP Paul
Kindest thoughts are with you xx
Andrew Kneale (Cheshire)
Kristian Kindtler wrote on 13/04/2012
With the warmest of thoughts and the deepest of sympathies.

Sarah Small wrote on 13/04/2012
An amazing man who was pivotal in the life of Andy. Paul, I'm so sorry to hear that you passed away but you will forever be in the hearts of many xxx
Craig Money wrote on 13/04/2012
So sorry to hear the sad news. My thoughts and deepest sympathy to Andy, family and friends. RIP Paul
Chris Jordan wrote on 13/04/2012
Rest in peace Paul. Andy and Paul's family may happy memories lift your sadness.
Ashley Smith wrote on 13/04/2012
R.I.P. Paul Hickey
Paul Williams wrote on 13/04/2012
RIP Paul. Love to Andy and all the Erasure family x
Kerry Skelhorn wrote on 13/04/2012
I can't find the words to express how sad I am to hear this news. My heart goes out to all of Paul's friends and family. God bless you Paul x
Zoraya Marroquin wrote on 13/04/2012
R.I.P. Paul Hickey. My condolences to all his friends and family.
Jorge Gonzalez wrote on 13/04/2012
RIP,mr Paul Hickey,I sent an expression of condolence for andy and the family.
emma smith wrote on 13/04/2012
I'm very sorry to hear about paul i am thinking about his family and andy andy all his frinds at this sad time from emma tapestryqueen@hotmail.com
Marisol Mendez desde Argentina wrote on 13/04/2012
Now a new star shines in the sky. My condolences to Andy, Vince, and all Paul's friends and family. R.I.P. Paul, we take you in our hearts!
richard wynn wrote on 13/04/2012
Dear paul you were an amazing friend and a wonderful person i will miss you.
Ronald (www.pmachinery.com) wrote on 13/04/2012
RIP Paul, you will be sadly missed... always...
DuoTronix wrote on 13/04/2012
So sorry to hear this sad sad news. My heart and deepest sympathies goes out to Andy, Vince, and all of Paul's friends and family. Bless you all.
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