Edit Karnaufne Horvath wrote on 13/04/2012
Condolences and sympathy to family members.
Timur wrote on 13/04/2012
hey, we will always be with you in thought
Karl Wisbey wrote on 13/04/2012
R.I.P Paul,lost but never forgotten
Anke Piesker wrote on 13/04/2012
Ruhe in Frieden Paul!
Gavin Holden Jones wrote on 13/04/2012
I am deeply sorry for your loss. Sending recuperative energy your loss.
Mark Lawrie wrote on 13/04/2012
Rest in peace Paul. Condolences to Andy and Paul's family.
Jon Russell wrote on 13/04/2012
Rest in Peace.
Su Shaw wrote on 13/04/2012
My thoughts and prayers are with you- with love and empathy x
Christie wrote on 13/04/2012
An amazing man who will be sorely missed. Good night God bless you Paul. My thoughts are with you, your family & closest friends.
Sarah Levy wrote on 13/04/2012
Such tragic news. My thoughts are with Andy and his family. x
VICENTE wrote on 13/04/2012
Im very sorry...Descansa en paz y gracias por tanta buena música
janet fenton wrote on 13/04/2012
Im so sorry to hear about Paul, I loved his book, made me laugh and cry, a real talent. BIG HUGS XXXXXX Andy , thinking of you xxxxxxxxxxxx
Tom Tog wrote on 13/04/2012
Very sorry to hear this sad news! My condolences to Andy & to Paul's family & friends! Rest in Peace!
Sheila and Russell Driver wrote on 13/04/2012
So sorry to hear about Paul.Many condolences to you Andy.Just reading Paul's book.
Aileen Graham wrote on 13/04/2012
Sad day.RIP Paul you will be sadly missed.x
Mike B. Aka situation m wrote on 13/04/2012
Very sorry for your loss Andy.
Gary Knight - The "K" wrote on 13/04/2012
Very sorry for you loss Andy
Alison Moyet wrote on 13/04/2012
So sorry for your loss Andy. I remember this charming man. Thoughts are with you xxxx
shazza wrote on 13/04/2012
wow.. unbelievable. what a shock to read such news . a truly remarkable man that made an imapct of many lives whether paul knew them personally or not. a sad day, truly.
May you rest with peace and dignity and soldier on in spirit..shazza x
Phil Healing wrote on 13/04/2012
When someone dies, regardless of what they have meant to you in your life, you can't help but stare into the hole. RIP Paul, heartfelt healing wishes to Andy. x
Tim Hilary Laurel and Fenton Daly wrote on 13/04/2012
Paul was an important part of our extended family and we will miss him dearly. Our children loved him, and he treated them like they were his own. We will miss you Paul. RIP.
Pelayo Barbero wrote on 13/04/2012
I'll never forget your big smile you always greeted me with whenever we met at David Lloyd tennis.
God bless you.
RIP Paul - Gone too soon
Linda Dickinson wrote on 13/04/2012
So sad to hear this news. I loved your book and feel I would have loved to have met you - such an amazing fella xx Thinking of Andy and family and friends of Paul xxx
mrs1966 wrote on 13/04/2012
A sad day for all know him RIP
Geff Parsons wrote on 13/04/2012
It was lovely to meet a nice guy like Paul, even if only late in his life, as he enjoyed an Indian summer on the gay tennis circuit. Such sad news. RIP Paul.
Mike "Nobby" Robertson wrote on 12/04/2012
I'm saddened by by the tragic news.
You were an inspiration to us all.
RIP Paul
Carlos Mejia, USA wrote on 12/04/2012
Farewell you wonderful and kind man, you will be missed by everyone you surrounded yourself with, thank you for friendship here on FB. RIP my friend.
Alandra Welch wrote on 12/04/2012
Paul's book was one of courage. He made my day back on October 2, 2011, and I am glad to have met him briefly. Very sad to hear of his passing.
Joel Thomson wrote on 12/04/2012
What a wonderful and crazy life. A sad end to an interesting story. Rest in peace.
Marc wrote on 12/04/2012
A truely great person. He will be missed
Peter Mello wrote on 12/04/2012
What a loss! I am so sorry!!
DavidRon Valdez wrote on 12/04/2012
My deepest condolences to Andy and Paul's family and friends.
Andy we all hold you in our hearts during this saddening time and send in return all the love you have given each of your fans in devotion to your craft. We all love and support you!
omar wrote on 12/04/2012
sad news.. you will be missed. LOVE.
Barry Dodds wrote on 12/04/2012
RIP Paul, you are in a better place now x
Tabitha wrote on 12/04/2012
R.I.P may your journey be a peaceful one, my prayers go to you freinds and family.
You will be missed greatly may angels look after a great man x
stephen tilton wrote on 12/04/2012
My deepest heartfelt sympathy. I am the San Francisco Sheriff's Deputy who barged in on both of you prior to your performance in SF a few years ago. You security attempted to stop me and Paul stopped him and motioned me into your room.
Janet crookston wrote on 12/04/2012
Such sad news r.i.p paul xx
Lean Bean wrote on 12/04/2012
R.I.P. Paul - Tell God I said "hi!"
Carlitos wrote on 12/04/2012
World has lost a big jewel, a very value man and a great human being...Rest in Peace Paul Hickey..we love you and we miss you
Shari wrote on 12/04/2012
I am so sorry for your loss Andy, prayers for all of Paul's family and friends. Much Love. RIP
Neil "88state" Wheeler wrote on 12/04/2012
RIP Paul.
Feel privileged to have met such a warm and genuine man many times
Chase wrote on 12/04/2012
My deepest sympathies to a great loss of a man. I got to meet Paul and Andy in New York many years ago. You were my role models and my deepest desire was to experience a love like yours.
My thoughts go out to Andy and Paul's family.
Angie Perry wrote on 12/04/2012
deepest sympathy to pauls family,andy bell and friends.
Mary Anne K wrote on 12/04/2012
Just received your book yesterday as a birthday gift, looking forward to reading it.

such sad news
RIP Paul

Love to Andy, sorry for your loss xx
Erasure Chile wrote on 12/04/2012
Our sincerest condolences for Paul's family and for Andy, this is a big lost.
A hug fully of best wishes from Chile
denver wrote on 12/04/2012
im very sorry to hear that paul hickey has passed away.rest in peace.my sincerest condolences to paul s family and andy bell for your loss.regards. denver
Melanie wrote on 12/04/2012
RIP Paul
I sure hope I will be able to read your book sometime
Dwayne Wyrwas-Canada wrote on 12/04/2012
So sorry to hear of your passing Paul. Your autobiography was really honest and truly allowed us to get to know you and experience your incredible life. I offer my sympathy to your family and friends, especially Andy. RIP
Diane Collins wrote on 12/04/2012
such sad news rest in peace paul youll be sadly missed feel so sad for your family my hart go out to them
karen wilson wrote on 12/04/2012
So sad to hear the sad news about Paul. We had the great pleasure of meeting him on our Erasure journey, lovely guy. Our thoughts are with his family, friends & Andy too.
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