leandro rossatto wrote on 15/04/2012
fique na paz do senhor e que deus te ilumine , é profundamente lamentável .Sou do Brasil e fui na total pop em POA Andy e Vince são os melhores de syntipop do mundo . descanse !!
Tracey Robson wrote on 15/04/2012
Such sad news. Really enjoyed his book, he spoke often of his love for Andy. Rest in Peace Paul, my thoughts are with you Andy xx
Daved french Australia wrote on 15/04/2012
To Pauls family's and dear andy my love and heart goes out to you all xxxxxx
Karen, Andy, Caitlin, Cian and Liam wrote on 15/04/2012
You were such a great person Paul. You gave your world to Andy. I only wished we had more time to spend together.I can't believe how much we are missing you already.You'll always be in our hearts and minds forever xxx
Lovonda Ison / Maryland USA wrote on 15/04/2012
My deepest symapathy to all, and Thank You Paul for your inspiration to the "ERASURE" family.
Abdur Rohman wrote on 15/04/2012
Rest in peace...
sunna wathen wrote on 15/04/2012
it is so hard to believe you have gone. That smile and the warmth that came from you was amazing. Such kindness. Thank you.
HECTOR RIVERA & JOSE GOMES wrote on 14/04/2012
Jonathan A. Windsor wrote on 14/04/2012
All my prayers and thoughts are with you!
David T. wrote on 14/04/2012
I never realized the influence Paul had in my life. Thank you Paul for entertaining me, enriching my life, and touching my soul.
scott gilbertson wrote on 14/04/2012
My thoughts are with Paul's loved ones at this sad time and to Andy Bell! I read Paul's book and it gave me an insight to what a loving and real love you had for each other.xxx
Mary Pat Nolan wrote on 14/04/2012
San Diego, so long ago and yet it seems like yesterday.
My love for you is in a place where there's no space or time............

Fernando Menendez wrote on 14/04/2012
Lo siento mucho, que descanse en paz.
Doug & Larry wrote on 14/04/2012
Our sincerest condolences to you Andy & Vince. We've listened to your music for more than 2 decades now and we consider you part of our family....when you're hurting, we hurt with you! Peace & Love!
Siderval wrote on 14/04/2012
My sincere condolences to the Erasure team
David Greenm wrote on 14/04/2012
My deepest condolences. Andy, Vince and the rest of the Erasure family Mr. Paul will be deeply missed by all. I am glad that he shared his love and inspiration to all of those he personally knew and to those like me that did not get the chance
Claudia Torres wrote on 14/04/2012
My deepest condolences to Andy, Vince, and the rest of Paul's family and friends. Much love and light to all of you, as Paul looks down on you from above. xoxo
Trish wrote on 14/04/2012
I just want to pass on my genuine heart felt condolences to andy, vince and Paul's family and friends. I haven't long finished reading Paul's book and was very touched with his strength, and honesty on his difficult journey. Thoughts are with you
Carlos Vega wrote on 14/04/2012
The ecuadorian fan club Send a sincerely condolence to their family specially to Andy. RIP. Paul
Pam Ward wrote on 14/04/2012
Andy I am so sorry for your loss my thoughts are with you and all of Pauls friends and family.
keith vass wrote on 14/04/2012
An amazing guy. R. I. P. Paul xxx
Richard Randall wrote on 14/04/2012
RIP Paul. You will never, ever be forgotten. Neither will the fantastic and funny call I had with you over your electric meter!! :)

Gone, but certainly never, ever forgotten.

My thoughts are with you, Andy, and your families

Lisa Martinsen wrote on 14/04/2012
Dear paul, you were such an amazing man. After reading your book sometimes I just fell in love with a wonderful person, I just so wish that I could have met you in person. You will never fall into a space thats empty, you will fly with the angels xx
James Cox wrote on 14/04/2012
Thoughts with you all at this time
Lorna McDougall-Boud wrote on 14/04/2012
Ny heart goes out to your loved ones, RIP xx
Laura wrote on 14/04/2012
Joanne wrote on 14/04/2012
so so sad..... my thoughts and love are with Paul,Andy and Vinces families at this very sad time..xxx

lorna boyd wrote on 14/04/2012
you are in a safe place now paul.may you rest in peace.you will be forever loved xxx
Sam Sandilla Jr. wrote on 14/04/2012
I heard about this and was in shock he was great person, that gave some emotion and joy to everyone.
Sabrina wrote on 14/04/2012
So sorry for your loss, Andy, and everyone else whose lives were touched by Paul's existence. Our thoughts are with you, always.
Kay unwin wrote on 14/04/2012
So sorry to hear this sad news, condolences go to Pauls family, also to Andy and vince who must miss Paul very much xx
Nerri wrote on 14/04/2012
Truly shocked to hear this sad news. Even though I never met you I feel I got to know a bit about you, your life and past through your book - thank you for sharing.

Condolences to your family, friends and Andy Bell. God bless and sleep tight xxx
David Gales wrote on 14/04/2012
My most sincere condolences. May confort find its way to the hearts of those we need it.
melanie murrell wrote on 14/04/2012
So sorry to hear such sad news. Rest in peace Paul. My thoughts are with Paul's and Andy's family at this time
rose marchbanks wrote on 14/04/2012
love to you paul and love to andy,vince and paul's family x
Tata Campos wrote on 14/04/2012
We'll miss your fantastic smile here in Deya, your other home... Have a safe journey!
gary amos johnson wrote on 14/04/2012
paul, you will be sadly missed x
Kmo O'Hara wrote on 14/04/2012
Heaven has a new angel. Wishing comfort and strength to all who are missing Paul.
Joanne Proctor wrote on 14/04/2012
Rest in peace Paul.My thoughts are with Andy and Paul's family.
Pat (erasureholic) wrote on 14/04/2012
Goodness, how sad. I met Paul once and gave him a teddy with a poem. He was very gracious and unassuming. I am sure all that knew him will miss him. R.I.P.
steve wrote on 14/04/2012
so sorry, such sad news, rest in peace paul x thinking of you andy x
Oscar wrote on 14/04/2012
Your love will be remembered. Our thoughts for you, andy and all those who loved you.
Mark Galvin wrote on 14/04/2012
Paul, always a gentleman in every sense of the word. Your smile and wonderful conversation will be missed at all our tennis tournaments. R.I.P. Paul and thanks for being such a lovely person. x
Aimy wrote on 14/04/2012
Dear Paul, I'm so sorry to hear such bad news & know of such a great loss! I'm so happy my Ed got to meet you unfortunately my babies never had the chance. Forever in our thoughts & truely missed. All our love! Xx
Gareth Pugh wrote on 14/04/2012
Rest in peace, Paul. Thanks for all you did and meant to the band, the fans and of course Andy.
Darren B wrote on 14/04/2012
I am so very sorry to hear about this tragic news . My prayers and thoughts go to Pauls family,Andy and Vince at this distressing time x.

stuart moir wrote on 14/04/2012
Deepest sympathy goes out to pauls family and most of all andy my heart is with you x
Simon Mark wrote on 14/04/2012
Reading Paul's book at the moment which is good and how great it is to hear about his life. Lots will miss Paul my heart goes out to all xxx
jackie richardson wrote on 14/04/2012
what very sad news to hear about pauls passing , my thoughts and prayers are with andy & pauls family and friends remember all those special times you had together memories are forever . God bless to you all xx
Aaron Read wrote on 14/04/2012
Dear those to whowm it may concern,
As someone who lost a couple of family members within the last six months, it may not be easy to live with what has happened at first, but slowly with time it gets there-ish.
Aaron Read
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