helen wood wrote on 12/04/2012
Glad we had the chance to meet u paul at cambridge last year, u were a kind & sincere person. Thankyou for making erasure who they are today. Heart goes out to andy & family. RIP paul xxx
Annick Clarisse wrote on 12/04/2012
Thank you Paul for giving us the opportunity for touring with Erasure back in 1992 from Mauritius. I shall always remember when you said: "we need to talk...". It has been a fairy tale since then... Thank you for your kindness. Rest in Peace.xxx
Ekpo wrote on 12/04/2012
RIP Paul, I remember meeting you at my very 1st glta tournament in Copenhagen. Really sad to hear this. Great loss to glta and tennis London.
MsErasure wrote on 12/04/2012
Oh, no:((( RIP
Debi Hill wrote on 12/04/2012
A lovely, lovely man who was always happy to chat about anything & everything. Love to all his family & friends - you have my very deepest sympathies -x-
Paul Burston wrote on 11/04/2012
My deepest sympathies for Andy and Paul's family. A lovely guy who will be sorely missed. Much love, Paul
Julia,Russia wrote on 11/04/2012
Rest in Peace Paul Hickey
Chris Ng wrote on 11/04/2012
Paul my friend. I will never forget meeting you at the Barcelona tennis tournament. We fought each other for more than 3 hours. You were such a fighter and refused to give up. I am going to miss you.... goodbye.
Jens Pielawa wrote on 11/04/2012
My sincere condolences to Pauls family. Sorry to hear about the loss of a great person.
Neil Bothwell wrote on 11/04/2012
Thanks for bringing me as your guest to Popstar to Oprastar. I will never forget your warmth and hospitality.
Mp3Dude wrote on 11/04/2012
sympathies goes to your family and friends you will be missed
Sophie Nilsson,Sweden wrote on 11/04/2012
My thoughts and sympathies goes to your family and friends Paul.
Tiffany Pham wrote on 11/04/2012
You'll be missed Paul. You were such a great inspiration to all Erasure fans. Thank you for sharing your life and love. RIP.
Katya Pruett wrote on 11/04/2012
Rest in Peace, Paul. You will be missed by many.
Clare wrote on 11/04/2012
RIP Paul, I never got to meet you, but you will be sorely missed. Love and condolences to your family and Andy. Clare xx
César GL wrote on 11/04/2012
This makes me so sad... My condolences go to your friends and family.


Césa r
Adriana Bell Clarke wrote on 11/04/2012
We lost a great man. I wish much strength to his family. Rest in peace dear Paul Hickey.

Mike DePaz wrote on 11/04/2012
You will be missed by all Erasure fans who always enjoyed your company. Words can't express how sad I feel right now.
Martin Pan wrote on 11/04/2012
RIP Paul. Thank you so much for all the wonderful time. I am going to miss you!
Dan Merrithew wrote on 11/04/2012
RIP my friend.....you were a true gentlemen and I enjoyed spending time with you.
Kevin Newman wrote on 11/04/2012
My deepest sympathy to Andy and Paul's family. I will always remember our time together on the GLTA circuit and your kind words regarding nurses. Rest in peace, Paul.
ariel depaoli wrote on 11/04/2012
you are one erasure more!!! love paul...from argentina
Arthur Gillespie III wrote on 11/04/2012
Paul, I am so glad to have met you in Copenhagen at the Outgames in 2009. I will always remember the good times we had on the tennis courts and at the closing ceremonies...
Anwar Yunes wrote on 11/04/2012
Rest in peace Paul,
thank you for your dedication to the fans and
your great book.

"...And imagine the host of angels around me
That give me the courage to die"
Shannon Friend wrote on 11/04/2012
My heart and prayers go out to you
Paola Portillo wrote on 11/04/2012
He was a man greatly beloved, and leaves those who knew a great memory of love and struggle ...Thank you for your legacy Paul...
Tonya Hurley wrote on 11/04/2012
Sleep well my darling.
Kirk Taylor wrote on 11/04/2012
Paul,I never had the pleasure to meet you but from what I heard you seemed like such a lovely man. R.I.P mate x
Kim Tiller wrote on 11/04/2012
Paul, it was a pleasure to have met you. May you rest in peace. My thoughts and condolences go to your friends and family. Kim x
Kathleen Woolever wrote on 11/04/2012
You had an amazing life Paul. Thank you for your brilliant book...It touched me deeply. My heart goes out to Andy and all of your Family...Your Erasure Family loves you, as all treasures are loved.
Annabella Taladriz wrote on 11/04/2012
I'm sorry about your loss. My heart goes out to you and the rest of your family.'
Love from Chile
Lyra Clark wrote on 11/04/2012
I'm glad I got a chance to meet you in London. I hope to get a chance to meet you in Heaven. Rest in Peace dear Paul. xxx
Lauren Bliss wrote on 11/04/2012
Love to you all.
Keven Darroe wrote on 11/04/2012
For those who never got the pleasure to meet Paul, please do yourself a favor and read his book. Get a look inside this amazing human being in his own words. You're already missed Paul. xo
Shaun Pears [UK] wrote on 11/04/2012
Heard the sad news about an hour ago. A sad loss to your family, Andy & the whole Erasure family at large around the world. I feel priveleged to have had the chance to purchase & read your very inciteful biography. RIP Paul.
Patricia wrote on 11/04/2012
My condolences to all of Paul's family,friends and to Andy Bell! God Bless you Paul
German Ramirez wrote on 11/04/2012
R.I.P. Dear Paul, God bless you
love from Chile for your family and friends xxxxxx
Sherry Gahan wrote on 11/04/2012
you were such a wonderful person to have known. I cherish all those conversations we have had. You are in a better place now in heaven. My prayers are for your family and friends and with Andy as well.

Zhenya wrote on 11/04/2012
love you my dear friends . and i'll remember you , ever ...
Bud Rorison wrote on 11/04/2012
So sorry to hear this- I met Paul through tennis and we became friends. He supported me in my matches in Madrid and even took pictures for me using my camera at the awards ceremony. He was a sweet man and his story is inspiring.
Mike Lawrence wrote on 11/04/2012
Dearest Paul, I was so lucky to have met you several times while you were here in the States with Andy & Vince. You were so welcoming, friendly, and always with a smile. Rest in peace, friend, and I am so glad you were in my life.
Mark Robotham wrote on 11/04/2012
Lots of healing thoughts and prayers to Paul's family and friends at this very sad time xxxxxxxx

"So goodnight wherever you are sleeping..."
Julio Cesar - Brazil wrote on 11/04/2012
It was very unexpectedly and very sad. My thoughts and condolences for your family, for Andy and for all who knew and loved you. RIP Paul Hickey.
Brian Lauterbach wrote on 11/04/2012
Your life was spectacular and meaningful, Paul. I thank you for your words, wisdom, and how you fused the two to create a quiet legacy of purpose for all of us you reached and inspired.

Give rest oh, Lord to your servant who has fallen to sleep.
Bechy Galaz wrote on 11/04/2012
siento mucho tu partida, por todos los que vivieron junto a ti...descansa en paz!
Hector wrote on 11/04/2012
To your family, to Andy Bell and all the Erasure family around the world:
It's not a good bye, it's just a see you soon. Thank you very much for all the happy moments you gave to us.
We love you Paul.
Tâni Falabello wrote on 11/04/2012
Paul, you'll never be forgetten... Rest in peace, little star in Heaven!...

Nelly Villarreal wrote on 11/04/2012
I know you are in a best place now. You are part of our lives because you always were close to Andy and Erasure, thanks for those years of faithful support. God bless you, Rest in peace Paul Hickey
George & Brenda Scott wrote on 11/04/2012
God Bless you Paul
Charlie Vreeland wrote on 11/04/2012
my condolences to all of Paul's family and friends. my memories of Paul are ones of much laughter and fun. Rest in Peace my friend.
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