Tamsin wrote on 29/04/2012
So long Paul..x We shared lovely times.....
I read this somewhere and thought of you...' Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but to skid in sideways, totally worn out. shouting Holy **** ..what a ride.!
russ wrote on 29/04/2012
andy / vince sorry to here about loss of paul my thoughts go with
Mark Towns & Stephen Pearlman wrote on 28/04/2012
Much love always, you are an inspiration and will be in our hearts forever.
Vinny wrote on 28/04/2012
My condolences go out to your loved ones.
CARLITOSCHIMEO wrote on 28/04/2012
Joe Kay aka Halitribe wrote on 28/04/2012
Im so sorry for your loss.I cant even imagine the grief that that u & your family is going through ATM.I didn't know Paul but knew of him & if it wasnt for him, Andy & Vince, my music would sound much differntly than it doesnow.Celebratehislife!
melanie day wrote on 28/04/2012
R.I.P Paul you were an inspiration for the music industry. You'll be missed by many. Goodnight,God Bless. I extend my sympathy to Andy and all of your family and friends xxx
Paul Quinton wrote on 28/04/2012
Rest in peace paul x
Heike wrote on 28/04/2012
I'm so very sorry, be strong. RIP
wayne mccartney wrote on 28/04/2012
So sorry for the loss of Paul, feel for you Andy I know how you must be feeling. But yes, 'be strong' and know that he was a great guy with whom we can all have inspiration from.
Marion Conn wrote on 28/04/2012
So sorry Andy to hear about Paul. Be strong.
Andrea wrote on 27/04/2012
My condolences to Andy and all the Paul's family.
tara mcmurray wrote on 27/04/2012
rip paul such a sad loss best wishes to all your family & friends xxx
Kerissa wrote on 27/04/2012
This man was a monumental influence on so many lives that he touched. His smile is of a warmhearted friend. May he rest now until the time when we all reunite with our loved ones, a time when death will be no more and the former things will pass away
Synoiz wrote on 27/04/2012
I'm reading through my copy of Paul's autobiography and it's amazing and so very personal. What an amazing guy Paul is, was, and always will be. I'd like to thank him for all he's done for Erasure and for making Andy so happy for so many years.
Sue wrote on 26/04/2012
Rest in peace Paul you will be sadly missed
tina wrote on 26/04/2012
I'm very sorry !!!
Di White wrote on 26/04/2012
So very sad to hear this awful news, my deepest thoughts are with you Andy and all of Paul's family. Remember all the wonderful times you had together, much love Di White.
Bettina wrote on 25/04/2012
My sympathies to the family- I recently bought and read his book, interesting life- supportive sister, etc
Memories live on-
Denise P Buck wrote on 25/04/2012
I'm so sorry for the Erasure family! God bless!
sergio raul chimeo rodriguez wrote on 25/04/2012
you had a great time with our british duo and i feel so sad about it, i hope God gives resignation to my andy and such the entire paul´s family, love and respect.
Pamela Hickey Ford wrote on 25/04/2012
Paul your making music with the angels,mom dad and stephen.show them how its done. We will all miss so much. All MY LOVE SIS
Roger, Eileen and Esther Oldham wrote on 25/04/2012
It was such a privilege to have known you, a huge light has disappeared from all our lives and we will always miss you terribly. All our special love for ever, God bless and keep you.
Judy Life wrote on 25/04/2012
So very sorry to hear this sad news about Paul. I was the secretary at the dental practice when Paul & Andy used to come in. He always made me laugh and smile. I made him a pumpkin pie one Thanksgiving because we were both American. RIP xx
roisin keaney wrote on 25/04/2012
so sorry for your loss andy , and the rest of the erasure team , my thoughts are with you all , rest in peace paul xxx
Rudy wrote on 25/04/2012
Thank you for your contribution to Music Industry! R.I.P. Paul
Leonardo Siqueira wrote on 25/04/2012
I am deeply sad with the loss --but in heaven you´ll be together again. Just Believe it
Rebecca L. Dollar wrote on 25/04/2012
I am so sorry for your loss. I wish I could do something to help take away your pain. Listening to your music has helped with with my pain so many times. I wish I could return the favor. So sorry
Michael wrote on 25/04/2012
He always found time to talk with me and made me feel so welcome.
What a smile
I will miss you dearly
Branden L. Harper wrote on 24/04/2012
So sorry 4 your loss Mr. Bell. The universe is guiding u 2 your greatest good, even now in this hour of turmoil. You DO mean an awful lot 2 this world! Believe it!
Thomas P McKee wrote on 24/04/2012
Very sorry for your sad loss Andy. The hardest thing we go through in life is lose someone we love. My thoughts and prayers are with yourself and Paul's family! God Bless Always!
Lewis Grocott wrote on 24/04/2012
Really Sad news, paul was a lovely man, he was always with erasure always, my heart goes to andy & all those who were close to paul, god bless him.
Jorgelina Campbell wrote on 24/04/2012
I will always remember you, clever boy! Lots of love x
Sam France wrote on 24/04/2012
Paul was my great great friend, he was my shining light. I will miss him so so much. Paul: I love you.
Francisca From Florida wrote on 24/04/2012
His smile was a gift, one that we will treasure always...-John 5:28,29. To the Family and Friends of
Mr. Paul Hickey my condolences, and prayers to you all.
Francisca From Florida wrote on 24/04/2012
Those whom we have loved, never really leave us. They live on forever in our hearts, and cast their radiant light onto our every shadow. We are better people for having known this very special man. His smile was a gift,one that we will treasure alway
Sean Mcwilliams wrote on 24/04/2012
Very sad,RIP.Thinking of you Andy,Vince and family.
Rob in Oregon wrote on 23/04/2012
Sorry you had to leave us so soon. RIP.
anita roberts wrote on 23/04/2012
sending you love and hugs - so sorry for your loss. i read pauls book recently and it is clear how much you meant to him.
Elke Wallace nee Beck wrote on 23/04/2012
Dear Paul, may you rest in peace. I will never forget the times I got to speak to you when I followed Erasure around Germany in 1986-1988. You were a wonderful, lovely person and I am grateful to have met you. And Andy, my thoughts are with you. xxx
Amanda rendall wrote on 23/04/2012
Many condolences, RIP X
Alex Ponce wrote on 23/04/2012
Dear Andy...I'm very saddened to hear of your loss and my heart as well as my partners heart goes out to you and both of your families...i can't imagine how you must feel...we love you...HUGS FROM HOUSTON,TEXAS
Keith Trigwell wrote on 23/04/2012
My deepest condolences Andy.
Alley Kat wrote on 23/04/2012
Dear Andy, my condolences to you for the passing of your partner/husband Paul Hickey. Tho' I never personally met him, I feel as tho' I have known Paul thru you Andy. I only hope that you are surrounded by those who love & support you. xOx
kim reading devon wrote on 22/04/2012
i never met you but i know you meant a great deal to andy.rest in peace.to andy be strong and know there are a lot of people who love you and will support you in this sad time.
Antonio Marcos from Brazil wrote on 22/04/2012
Mr. Hickey, rest in peace, everyone will pray for your soul, Andy, feel all our love and holding too, the wourld loves you.
aline rahier wrote on 22/04/2012
Thanks for doing so much for Erasure. You are in a better place, but, best wishes to your loved ones in this hard time. Enjoy the heavens where you are!
Tracey Ayers wrote on 21/04/2012
Thoughts are with your family and friends.
You have bought sunshine to many peoples lives.xx
SAMANTHA EDWARDS wrote on 21/04/2012
just so sad hope ur holding up ok andy rip paul
cyrille ayers wrote on 21/04/2012
Dear Andy,so so sorry to hear about Paul.my deepest sympathy to you and a big hug and lots of love.Hope to see you again up in these mountains we all love so much.XX
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